$25 Introductory Lesson

Our 1 hour Introductory Lesson is priced for both couples and singles.
It’s the perfect excuse to bring a friend!

  • Couples – $25
  • Singles – $25

1. Call us: (269) 760-5355

We’d love to schedule your Introductory Lesson at a convenient time.
We have slots available at the following times:

  • Monday – Saturday, 10am – 10pm

Call for availability.

2. Come in and talk with us

We’ll get to know you and discover what you are looking for.
Popular reasons why people begin to dance are:

  1. They are looking for a new hobby
  2. They watch Dancing with the Stars and it looks fun and exciting
  3. They are getting ready for a wedding
  4. They are looking for exercise
  5. They want to meet new people
  6. They want to be able to enjoy a night at the Salsa club

3. Jump on the dance floor

There’s no better way to get started than to jump on the dance floor and begin learning those new moves.

And we tailor to your interest!

We’ll have you “walking, rocking, and triple-stepping”
before you know it. Learn the following introductory positions/moves:

  1. Dance embrace
  2. Basic elements
  3. Walks
  4. Rocks
  5. Chassé
  6. Triple Steps

4. The end of the beginning

With your first lesson under your belt, your satisfaction is guaranteed

or you don’t pay!

After your Introductory Lesson, we’ll be able to provide you with the
direction you need in order to achieve your goals. We’ll find the right
combination of classes that fit your level of interest, budget, and
available time.